STG Thickness Gauge

Precise Thickness Measurement Device for Thick Rigid Panels

STG was developed for thick rigid panels upto 40 mm. Two laser distance sensors scan the distance to the surface above and below a plate that runs through an O-frame. This directly determines the thickness of the plate.

STG is a non–nuclear technology that does not require licensing or protection guards.


Thick Extruded Plastic Sheets and Plates

← 4 m →

STG thickness gauges are available in widths of up to 4 m

≤ 20 μm

Ultra-precise thickness measuring with an accuracy of ≤ 20 µm

Upto 40 mm

STG is suitable for material thickness of up to 40 mm

Measuring Principle

Laser Triangulation

Laser distance sensors work on the principle of optical triangulation. They traverse above and below the extruded sheet and measure the distance to the sheet surface.

These sensors are guided by linear guides and driven by a stepper motor.

A calibration curve, which is measured against a calibration tape without an extruded plate, serves as the basis for the measurement. This compares the value measured by the laser distance sensors and outputs it as a thickness value.

Technical Specifications

Technical specificationsSTG
Sensor systemLaser triangulation
Max. Thickness40 mm
Clear height250 mm
Measurement spot diameter0.2 mm
Sensor resolution1 µm
Repeatability≤ 20 μm
Measuring speed10 – 100 mm / s adjustable
Travel speed10 – 200 mm / s adjustable
Diameter of the roller80 mm

Please download the PDF data sheet for detailed technical specifications! 

STG in Action

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