Thickness Control Software

Thickness Control Software (TCS) is a state of the art electronic control package for the automatic thickness/edge bead control of extrusion and coating dies equipped with Automatic Die Controls (Electrically controlled die bolts).

TCS is a user-friendly interface which is fully integrated with the thickness measurement software, leading to simplified usage, easy adaptability, and enabling super-fast change-overs.

The system comprises of rugged industrial electronics with industry standard interfaces for easy connections to dies from various machine manufacturers.


Our system is focused on a single goal: Control the cross direction profile and machine direction profile in fastest possible time to meet the target thickness and reduce wastage from the edges.

– Quick response time to targeted thickness / weight for accelerated control during startup and change-overs.
– Control adjustment begins from the very first scan.
– Predictive edge bead control
– Automatic self-tuning

– Control crossprofile and machine direction
– Continuous monitoring of die bolt heaters
– Compatible with all automatic dies
– Low maintenance, modular design
– Heater testing – detects and alarms in case of heater failure.

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